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Booking request:

To reserve, call us by phone or send us an Email.

If you pre-reserve by Email, thank you for indicating necessarily your dates of arrival and of departure, your name and first name, address, phone number, phone number and e-mail and your choice of guest room  (Ti' Kaz Sam ou Ti' Kaz Eva).
Any incomplete e-mail will not be handledtreated.

Your demand will be definitive after confirmation of reservation by "Les Coeurs d'Amants" by Email & payment of a deposit.

Ti' Kaz Eva is the only guest room accessible to the people with reduced mobility.

"Les Coeurs d'Amants" reserves the right to accept or to refuse a demand without having to supply with documentary evidences.
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Les Coeurs d'Amants
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97480 St Joseph (Reunion island)
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