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Descriptif des Coeurs d'Amants
On Saint Joseph's road, in the  direction of Lianas, we created in, a rural environment, two beautiful  guest houses of old Creole style for 2 persons, and integrated it modernity and  comfort.

Nested in 360 meters in height, we wanted to participate in the  conservation of the very fragile ecosystem by respecting the flora and  fauna of the place.

In  this space where the nature seems to explode on all sides, « les Cœurs  d’Amants » are a place of ideal stay and a starting point for numerous  excursions on the island such as the volcano or still the waterfall  Langevin and its numerous ponds.

Our guest houses have the label "Gîtes  de France", guaranteeing our quality and our seriousness.

Our rooms are 95 € at night (inclusive of all taxes) for 2 people with included breakfasts (From two nights minimum).

Les Coeurs d'Amants
168 rue Jean de Cambiaire
97480 St Joseph (Reunion island)
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